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sexual assault lawyer

If you are facing allegations of sexual assault, you undoubtedly have questions about what to do and whether you should speak to a criminal defence lawyer. Barrie’s David Wilcox has been providing trusted legal representation to people charged with criminal offences including sexual assault since 1987. His advice is that a sexual assault allegation must be taken seriously, regardless of whether you think the allegation has merit. Mere accusations – even those that prove to be false – have the potential to seriously damage your reputation. A sexual assault conviction is extremely serious and can result in a lengthy jail sentence in addition to destroying relationships, job prospects, housing options, and your ability to travel.

Steps You Should Take If You Are Facing Allegations of Sexual Assault

It is a mistake to assume that sexual assault allegations will not be substantiated or that you do not need to take any steps because you are innocent. Here is what to do if you are facing allegations of sexual assault:

  1. Stay calm and keep quiet. Accusations and investigations can cause people to panic, saying and doing things to try to defend themselves that ultimately end up causing more harm than good. Do not discuss the allegations with police, the accuser, or potential witnesses without first getting legal advice.

  2. Talk to a criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible. It is never too early to protect yourself and learn your legal rights – even if the accuser has not yet gone to the police or criminal charges have not yet been laid. A strong offence can be the best defence, and it may be possible for an experienced lawyer to de-escalate the situation by confronting accusations head-on at an early stage.

  3. Get an understanding of the full scope of the situation. Many lawyers (including our Barrie criminal defence lawyer) offer a free initial 30-minute consultation. Use this opportunity to discuss the full scope of the situation, including what you will need to do to address the allegations against you, possible defences, and the consequences you may face if you are convicted of sexual assault.

  4. Preserve evidence. Social media posts, texts, emails, photographs, and articles of clothing are just some examples of crucial evidence that must be preserved in case they are needed in the future. Ask your criminal defence lawyer if you are not sure what may be relevant to your case or how to preserve evidence.

  5. Document everything. Prepare a timeline of events surrounding the allegations and write down dates, times, names and contact information of potential witnesses, and any details or pieces of information (for example, what someone said or did), whether you think they are helpful or harmful to you. This will be invaluable for building a defence if the sexual assault allegations later result in criminal charges.

  6. Get prepared. A skilled criminal defence lawyer will be able to provide you with an overview of what you can expect and steps to take to protect your legal rights at each stage (e.g., if you are questioned by police, or if you are asked to give a DNA sample). It is crucial to know how to handle yourself and what you are legally required to do when under investigation by the police. It is also important to know how your case will be handled if you are eventually charged with sexual assault. Your lawyer can prepare a plan for your defence, including options such as retaining scientific experts or private investigators to prove your innocence.

A Word on Choosing the Right Criminal Defence Lawyer

Being accused of sexual assault is a stressful experience and can lead to life-altering consequences. It is essential that you choose the right lawyer to defend you and protect your rights. Criminal law is complex and sexual assault is an extremely serious offence. The stakes are simply too high to take a chance on an inexperienced lawyer. You want a lawyer who has handled and won cases involving accusations of sexual assault. Barrie criminal defence lawyer David Wilcox has a successful track record in defending against sexual assault charges and devotes his practice entirely to defending those accused of criminal offences.

Facing Allegations of Sexual Assault? Barrie Criminal Defence Lawyer Is Here for You

If you are facing sexual assault allegations and looking for a reliable Barrie criminal defence lawyer, count on David Wilcox. David has devoted his practice exclusively to the defence of persons charged with criminal and quasi-criminal offences since 1987, including impaired driving charges, drug offences, sexual assault charges, and fraud offences. Contact David today to discuss your legal rights and explore your options, including all possible defences. You can use our Eform or call us toll-free at 1-855-721-6642 to request your free 30-minute initial consultation with our Barrie criminal defence lawyer. If you need emergency legal services, David’s phone line is available 24 hours a day to assist you.


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