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David Wilcox


Whether you need a DUI lawyer in Barrie for advice or a criminal defence lawyer to represent you in a Central Ontario court, David Wilcox has been assisting clients since 1987. With a practice focused on criminal law and as an experienced criminal attorney in Barrie, David understands the serious impact of criminal charges on your life. That’s why he suggests you contact him for legal consultation as soon as possible after being charged. 

David does not charge a fee for your initial 30-minute interview, at which time preliminary legal advice and retainer terms can be discussed. David does not accept legal aid certificates. However, he does make every attempt to provide reasonable terms of retainer agreements. In his experience, persons of average means are able to retain his legal services to defend all but the most complex criminal cases.




When you seek assistance for a legal implication from an attorney, this process is called legal consultation. Legal consultation takes place outside the courtroom and shouldn’t be confused with legal representation. You can also take a legal consultation before you hire an attorney for your case. The benefits of legal consultation include:


You get legal guidance for your case based on the facts.
A legal attorney can thoroughly assess your case if it should proceed in court.
It offers comfort by giving you numerous options to resolve your legal matter.
It helps you take the most appropriate course of action, as legal issues can be complex.
It enables you to develop a layout and plan for a strong case based on the evidence.


David Wilcox offers all of these benefits and more. So, if you require legal advice or assistance from a trusted criminal attorney in Barrie or anywhere else in Central Ontario, do not hesitate to contact David. Additionally, if you need information related to criminal law in Ontario, please feel free to browse this blog.



When you are looking for a professional criminal attorney, you must consider the following factors:


The location of the criminal attorney is crucial. Check if he is licensed to practice in your province.
Criminal attorneys have specialized practice areas, so choose the one that is related to your case.
Pay close attention to detail to your legal case and hire an attorney that meets your legal needs.
Cost or fees for hiring a criminal attorney is another essential factor to consider.
You can check if your lawyer is a public defender or private attorney and assess how it suits your case.

In addition, you can consider references for hiring a criminal attorney from your friends and family. You can also choose to go by the reputation and experience of a particular law firm. David has been providing compassionate legal defence since 1987. If you are seeking the assistance of a reputed criminal attorney in Barrie, reach out to David Wilcox today!

Experienced Criminal Attorney in Barrie

Legal procedures in Barrie are no longer overwhelming or complex, thanks to David Wilcox.


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