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Whether you have been charged for theft or have refused a breathalyzer test, you need an experienced criminal lawyer to advise you. You have the right to not speak to the police and to seek legal counsel immediately. The experience of arrest can be overwhelming, so having an experienced lawyer and a reliable law firm at your side not only helps your peace of mind but also your understanding of the legal process. Call David Wilcox for criminal defence in Barrie and Central Ontario.

David Wilcox's Law Firm in Barrie maintains a 24-hour emergency telephone service. He knows that if you are the subject of police investigation, it is extremely important to have access to a lawyer for professional legal advice regardless of the time of day or night. You may also schedule a free initial consultation during business hours or request an evening appointment.

Preparing an Individualized Defence

Criminal charges can seriously interrupt and damage your life, resulting in probation, fines, license suspension, permanent criminal record, or time in prison. David Wilcox will defend your rights, financial security, reputation and freedom. In assessing your case, he explains the charges, evidence, and defence strategies so that you received individualized advice and representation.

To be better informed about your criminal defence for Barrie and Central Ontario, David Provides an overview of various offences his practice handles.

Impaired Driving

Have you been charged with impaired driving in Barrie or surrounding areas? You don’t have to face charges from being pulled over or a check stop without legal advice or representation, especially when the penalties could include a fine, jail time, and a suspended licence. Instead of pleading guilty, call David Wilcox Law Firm in Barrie, 24 hours a day for emergency service or arrange a free initial consultation.


Drug Offences

The damage to your record and future from being convicted of a drug offence in Ontario is far-reaching, even for simple possession of marijuana. Sentencing for possession and trafficking in methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin and other controlled substances is even more severe. To defend your rights effectively, you need a law firm familiar not only with the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) but also your Charter Rights.


Domestic Assault

Charges of spousal or domestic assault always involve extremely personal and emotional circumstances. From special considerations to impact on the family, David Wilcox approaches domestic assault cases with knowledge of not only the Criminal Code but also sensitivity to the personal conflicts that might be involved. The consequences of conviction range from a prison sentence to no contact with your children. Call for a consultation concerning your situation, including bail and terms of release.


Firearm Offences

Failing to comply with the regulations in the Firearms Act can result in a variety of offences. The most common criminal charge is for possession of an illegal firearm. Other firearm offences include transporting firearms without authorization, and transfer of weapons and ammunition to an unauthorized person (trafficking). If you have also been charged with illegal use of a firearm such as carrying a concealed weapon, call David Wilcox's Law Firm in Barrie for a free initial consultation and legal advice.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a serious crime that can carry penalties as high as life imprisonment depending on circumstances, and aggravating factors such as physical injury. The effects of a conviction on a person’s reputation, employment opportunities, and even travel to countries outside of Canada can be severe as well. A false accusation of sexual assault affects not only the accused but family and friends as well. You need professional legal counsel in defending yourself against sexual assault charges to ensure your rights are protected.


Pornography Offences

If you are arrested or your property seized for illegal pornography as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada, handling the charges can be complex and sensitive. Voyeurism, publishing illegal visual recordings on the internet, and child pornography are criminal offences carrying mandatory minimum prison sentences and possible registration as a sex offender. Failing to report child pornography is a summary offence with a fine and possible imprisonment. 


If you are experiencing problems regarding any of the above offenses, call David Wilcox’s Law Firm in Barrie today for a free consultation.



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