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Fraud Offences


Committing a fraud is a criminal offence with severe penalties as per Section: 380 of the Criminal Code. Punishable with up to fourteen years in prison, such criminal charges can have a lasting impact on your life. Have you been charged with committing fraud? Are you looking for a fraud lawyer in Barrie? Fraud charges can involve lengthy, stressful and time-consuming court proceedings in the court of law. With years of experience in legal matters, David Wilcox can provide representation in cases of fraud. With his specialized skill in identifying problems in the documentation, David Wilcox readily spots opportunities that make the case stronger.

What Does It Actually Mean to Commit Fraud?

According to the law, fraud is committed when an individual, by deceitful, false or other fraudulent means, deceives the public or any person of any property, money, valuables or any service.


As the banking and commerce sectors continue to expand, fraud offences have increased exponentially. The police and the courts enforce the law and take serious measures to charge fraud offenders. In most fraud cases, the prosecutor will have to prove that the fraud has occurred. This usually involves documentation and witnesses that might be considered vital for the case. It is critical to take professional legal help to deal with the fraud charges. With stringent laws and regulations in place, court proceedings will not be easy for anyone to deal with on their own. Why not discuss your concerns with our fraud lawyer in Barrie?


What Are the Different Types of Fraud Litigation Cases and Legal Procedures?

As per your requirements, David Wilcox and his team deal in a wide selection of litigation cases. We are committed to representing your rights more substantially and fairly. It is essential to understand the various litigations involving fraud, they are:

  • Mortgage fraud and fraudulent conveyances

  • Fraud in investment

  • Real estate frauds

  • Frauds in employee theft and dishonesty

Some of the legal procedures followed during a fraud case are tracing orders and freezing bank accounts. At David Wilcox LL.B., we can guide you through these complex legal procedures efficiently. You can book your consultation today!

Consequences of Conviction

If a person is found guilty, he or she can be penalized severely. Such activities might also result in restitution, paying heavy fines, and jail time. However, with the help of our experienced fraud lawyer in Barrie and Central Ontario, it is also possible to avoid jail time through diversion, probation or withdrawal of charges. This is completely dependent on the seriousness of the case and the circumstances of the offender. Individuals who are not directly the architects of any fraudulent schemes can also be charged and prosecuted by association. Anyone who is seen by the police or the Crown Attorney as an assistant to a fraudulent scheme in any way can be charged and convicted by law as a party to the offence.

How Can We Help You?

Based in Barrie, David Wilcox has worked to get the best results for the clients he has defended. Our lawyer has the expertise and knowledge to study your case and come up with countermeasures. He can undertake corporate fraud cases, insurance fraud, inheritance fraud and credit card fraud. We can also help you if you have been implicated in real estate fraud, tax fraud, forgery, phishing and other cases. Being one of Barrie’s highly experienced fraud lawyers, our determination and perseverance have ensured successful fraud defence for many clients. We make sure that you get the best results and representation possible from the beginning till the end. We will work with you and ensure that you are represented well, focusing on essential case aspects with great outcomes. If you or anyone you care about is looking for a highly experienced lawyer, you can call for help.


Meticulous Preparation


At David Wilcox's office, we believe in thorough preparation. It is the proper preparation that paves the way for a positive outcome. Our team will make enquiries, accumulate witness statements, and do the necessary groundwork for you. We will provide high-quality, robust service and take care of all the legalities. In many cases, adequate preparation can make the difference between acquittal and a criminal charge.


We work with you to devise tailor-made defence strategies. Our team can argue a defence based on the facts of your case, such as:

  • Lack of intent: It was not your intention to deprive the owner

  • Colour of right: You thought it was within your rights to possess the property

  • Mistake: The prosecution made a mistake by wrongly accusing you

If an investigator contacts you, it is best to get legal help as soon as possible. We invite you to get in touch with our fraud defence lawyer in Barrie to learn more about how we can help.

Call Us Today!

David Wilcox LL.B. has over three decades of expertise in handling criminal offence cases. He also provides legal services for impaired driving charges, drug offences and sex assault charges. Contact us today for an initial consultation with our fraud lawyer in Barrie.


Get comprehensive legal services for fraud cases from an expert fraud lawyer.

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