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David Wilcox


Have you been charged with an offence involving drugs and are looking for a reliable defence lawyer to argue your case? Contact David Wilcox to build up a strong case for you and maximize your chances of getting a favourable judgement. He is a drug lawyer based in Barrie and provides legal representation to clients charged with drug-related cases. With over 30 years of expertise in criminal defence cases, he has the required knowledge and experience to ensure that your interests and rights are protected.

Given the seriousness of the crime, you need an experienced and dedicated lawyer by your side who will not only help you but also advise you on what to do about your drug charges. No matter what the charge is, we will investigate the case in detail and analyze all of your defence options in an attempt to minimize the adverse consequences associated with your case. Contact us today!

Common Consequences of Drug Charges

When charged with a drug offence, it is important to be aware of what the consequences could be:

  • Mandatory minimum sentences

  • Limit your ability to travel, especially to the United States

  • Jail sentence or probation (including life sentences)

  • A permanent criminal record

  • Loss of professional licences to be a nurse, teach or practise law or medicine

  • Loss of immigration visa or work permit, denial of citizenship or deportation

  • Inability to obtain financial aid for school

  • Irreparable damage to your personal and professional reputation

Types of Drug Charges

There are a number of charges under the drug laws that can be levied upon you. As a trusted drug lawyer in Barrie, David Wilcox can help you with each of these charges in an attempt to make a favourable and strong case. Possible charges include:

  • Drug possession: It refers to certain substances that the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act outlines. However, drugs that your physician prescribes are not considered illegal possession. Conviction in drug possession can lead to a broad range of penalties as per the area's jurisdiction. 

  • Drug possession for the purpose of trafficking: It refers to when the accused is found in possession of a particular drug or the substance in question in bulk. This creates a presumption that it can be used for trafficking purposes and not for consumption. The penalties differ based on the severity, the harm it can cause to society, and the type of drug.

  • Possession of drug paraphernalia: It refers to the possession of material instruments used in administering the concerned drug in question. When an individual is caught in possession of drug paraphernalia, it is considered a misdemeanour. In cases like these, drug charges are placed in Barrie if you possess any tools, devices, or instruments that may be used to take, ingest, inhale, or inject those drugs. 

  • Drug trafficking: It refers to selling, administration, giving, transferring, sending or delivering a controlled substance or drug. In cases like this, the penalties can vary depending on the type of drugs, like penalties in drug cases ranging from non-judicial to fines and serious jail time or long custodial sentences. 

  • Unlawful manufacturing drugs: It is a severe and illegal offence under drug charges. The charges range from a maximum jail sentence for a few years to a lifetime of imprisonment. The penalty against this drug charge depends on the quantity and the type of drug in question. 

  • Unlawful possession of prescription medications: This refers to having a prescribed medication or drug possession that is not considered under drug charges. But when an individual possesses prescribed drugs without any prescription or distributing the same, it is an offence.

  • Export or import of drugs: No individual is permitted to import or export drugs without the authorization of the concerned authority. Surpassing the law can lead to drug charges as then an individual can be committed for purposes of drug trafficking. 

  • Drug Crime: It encompasses everything from possession to manufacturing, distribution or the potential for its use. If an individual is convicted against any of these, they can be penalized under drug crimes in Barrie.

Why Should You Hire a Drug Lawyer?

Legal charges involving drug crimes have the potential to ruin your personal and professional life. Without a dedicated lawyer on your side, you may struggle to disprove the charges. If you are facing drug charges, hire a reliable defence lawyer to discuss your case.

Our lawyer can assist you in:

• Trail and investigation
• Guide you through legal procedures
• Communicate with the legal authority
• Plea bargain and negotiate on your behalf
• Help you with paperwork and documentation
• Protect you from harsh penalties

Contact David Wilcox – Reputable Drug Lawyer in Barrie

Don’t plead guilty just because you aren’t sure what to do. Whether you have been charged with the possession of cocaine or the trafficking of prescription medications, David Wilcox has the experience and the knowledge required to assist you in any legal battle involving drug laws.

From the police station all the way through your trial, our team will advise you. Irrespective of whether you need assistance regarding bail release while you await trial, plea bargain or discuss the best possible outcome for your case, David A Wilcox is there for you, always ready to help and strengthen your case.

You can also count on him for other legal matters, including sexual assault charges and fraud offences.

Give him a call as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation with our drug lawyer in Barrie.


Let David Wilcox assist you in your legal battle involving drug laws.

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