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David Wilcox


Since 1987, David Wilcox has provided compassionate and competent legal defence in Barrie for clients throughout Central Ontario. If you wish to recommend David’s services, he welcomes comments from former clients. You can send them by email by completing the form here. In respect for your privacy, full names or personal information are not made public. If you have questions or need legal counsel from David, please contact his law office in Barrie.

I struggle to find the words that adequately express my gratitude to David and Alicia for ending a neighbour's relentless harassment of my wife. No amount of police involvement helped, so we eventually asked David to seek a protection order through the courts. David and Alicia were able represent our interests successfully with both professionalism and empathy. I know David is credited with his prowess at defending those charged with a criminal offence, but I can also attest wholeheartedly to his ability to advocate for victims rights as well. I fail to find the words that adequately express my gratitude to David and Alicia, but will never fail to feel it. 

- M.W.

Over a year ago I had gotten myself in a world of trouble. I did not know how to deal with it. I was fortunate to have a friend who is a personal friend of David and said he would get in touch with David. He explained what had happened. David asked him to call him right away. David took my call on the side of a highway.

He agreed to see me so I could explain what happened. After reviewing my situation, David felt he could help.

David was thorough with explaining what he would be telling the Crown and asking of them. He also made it quite clear that no deal may happen, but because of my history and references he felt that the Crown would help.

David was correct, it did help. Everything that David had told me, happened, no surprises. It was the best resolution that would have been allowed to me.

I'm so grateful the David took me on as a client.
- C.

Dave and Alicia, thank you for helping me out with my 2 boys. You did an amazing job helping them (young offenders) understand everything throughout the process. You took the time to actually talk to them and get to know them. You guys made a very stressful time for my family a little easier to handle.

Thanks Again!
- N.

My family had an emergency situation that needed immediate legal attention. I saw David’s ad and read his history. When I called and explained the circumstances, David took our information over the phone and started to represent us even before our initial meeting. He guided us through the process of what would happen and costs associated with each outcome. David has been nothing but honest and professional throughout our whole trial.

Every time I needed to enquire about something related to our case either David or his assistant was available and responded promptly, never leaving me worried. Their service is excellent.

David’s knowledge, experience and determination were all factors in attaining the best outcome for our family.

He is truly a professional you want representing you in your time of distress.
- M.

You never know you need a Lawyer until you do. I learned that very quickly the night I came home to discover a search warrant had been executed at my house. The moment I heard the news I was in complete shock, told only to contact the police and turn myself in.

This was my first experience dealing with a serious legal matter and as such my mind was a complete blur. My first reaction was to do as instructed, call the police. “They'll help me, right?” WRONG! In these situations the police are not there to help you; their purpose is to achieve a conviction and this is why you need a lawyer.

I did the same thing you're doing right now. Looking for someone local, someone I can trust and who at the end of the day will provide fair legal representation.

Googling criminal Lawyers in Barrie, I began sifting through the results. David shares the same name as famous Canadian Musician David Wilcox--this must come with a whole host of challenges for his search engine manager. All joking aside, I was very lucky to stumble upon David's (old) website; if I had not I would have likely sung my way into a jail cell for an extended stay.

There was no way I could have handled this situation without the support of both David and Alicia and it began from that first call to David.

My heart was racing and I felt like life as I knew it was done for. David picked up and listened patiently as I tried my best to explain the situation--it was like every word I was thinking was trying to escape at once. I'll never forget what he told me next, he said to "breath and let things absorb, you will get stronger with each passing moment." He advised me on how best to handle my arrest and arranged for my bail hearing.

David was my Legal Counsel for criminal charges at both the Provincial and Federal level; my case spanned 18 months. David's legal expertise, guidance and experience in the courtroom lead to a fair outcome on all charges in my case. With David as my representation I was able to continue to move forward with my life and career throughout the entire process. I am forever grateful for everything David and his team has done for me.
- Anon.

Dave and Alicia: I wanted to extend a gigantic thank you to both of you for helping me through this difficult time in my life. You were both very helpful anytime I needed you with my questions and I really appreciate that.

Of course the Judgement [in my case] was the absolute best result and it’s thanks to you, not to me. I have taken a lot away from this incident and am extremely happy to be able to put it behind me and move on. I hope never to meet under these or any other criminal law related matters but I will be happy to run into either of you again.

- K

I have known Dave for nearly 20 years and have needed his counsel for several matters in my lifetime. He has always treated myself, as well as my family with the greatest respect. His knowledge in the legal field as well as his ability to assess a case is why I will continue to use his expertise should I ever need to again in the future. He has made himself available to myself at any time, day or night. His ability to explain and articulate the legal parameters involving some very intricate and complex legal situations has left my family with peace of mind. Knowing we are in good hands is the most important aspect when choosing a lawyer. It's for that reason alone I'm very thankful I have met Dave Wilcox and would strongly recommend his services to anyone in need of legal advice. I can honestly say if you're in need of a lawyer, you're in good hands with David Wilcox.

- Anonymous





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