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David Wilcox is a senior criminal defence lawyer based in Barrie. He is known for his integrity and tireless determination on behalf of his clients. He has a reputation for success in criminal cases, which he earned after years of unwavering dedication. Even today, he remains committed to achieving the best possible results in every case he defends. So, if you need assistance with a criminal case, you can be sure that he is the right choice. Contact David Wilcox LL.B., and reach out to us whenever you need the expert consultation of our reputed lawyer.


Why Choose David’s Service?

Being convicted of a criminal offence leaves you with a record that can have repercussions throughout your life, far beyond paying a fine or completing a jail sentence. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, seek the services of David Wilcox, a senior criminal defence lawyer serving Barrie and Central Ontario for over 30 years. David handles all criminal and quasi-criminal offences under the Criminal Code, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, or serious Provincial offences. He offers exhaustive legal advice and advocacy for clients facing such charges. In case of an emergency, David can be reached 24 hours a day.



Mailing Address

PO Box 63, Barrie PO Main, Ont. L4M 4T2


49 High St., 3rd Floor

Barrie, Ont.

L4N 5J4

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Legal Advice and Defence in Barrie

If you have been accused of committing a crime or have been arrested on criminal charges, you need an expert legal practitioner to defend you and your case in court in order to protect your rights. David Wilcox is a renowned criminal defence lawyer in Barrie who can not only help you fight your legal battle but also secure the best possible judgement for you. Be it for any violent act or rash driving, a reliable legal firm can offer effective solutions and that is exactly what he does. In private law practice in Barrie since 1987, David Wilcox has always restricted his practice to criminal defence work and thus, developed expertise in the area. He provides legal advice and representation if you are charged with any of the following criminal offences:


  • Impaired driving : If you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you could be charged with impaired driving. David Wilcox is a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) lawyer who will provide legal representation for your case.

  • Domestic assault: Domestic assault is a violent and forceful criminal offence inflicted by a family member on the other. David Wilcox can help by analyzing and scrutinizing each piece of evidence in order to build a strong, strategic defence.

  • Driving offences: Breaking a driving law is a traffic infraction that can result in a potential fine, demerit points on the driving record, or even a jail sentence. David Wilcox will make sure to handle the case efficiently and get you rid of the charges.

  • Pornography offences: Acquisition of child pornography is a serious offence, and the sharing of violent and abusive content carries severe penalties. If you are accused of such an offence, call David Wilcox right away to avoid its legal repercussions.

  • Drug offences: Have you been charged with a drug offence and are searching for an experienced defence attorney to represent you? David Wilcox is a drug lawyer based in Barrie who represents individuals accused of drug offences. Call now to increase your chances of receiving a favourable verdict.

  • Firearm offences: Acquisition of illegal firearms can lead to a sentence to jail for a long period. If you have been charged with a weapons or guns offence, or if you need help acquiring necessary firearms permits, contact David Wilcox now.

  • Sexual assault : Sexual assault is a heinous crime in Ontario and across Canada, with strict penalties and life-changing repercussions for those who commit it. David Wilcox has considerable experience resolving sexual assault cases.

  • Theft and fraud : Have you been accused of committing fraud? Fraud charges can result in stressful court sessions. David Wilcox recognizes possibilities to strengthen the case using his knowledge and experience.

Working Tirelessly for You

You can be assured that David Wilcox will work with tireless determination on your behalf. His reputation for integrity and resolve has been earned from his years of commitment to advocating for the rights of every one of his clients. With years of experience and expertise before the courts of Barrie and throughout Central Ontario, David focuses on protecting your future while guiding you through a complex judicial process. Hire David Wilcox and let him take over your case while you enjoy some much-needed peace of mind.

Free Initial Consultations and Accommodating Hours

David Wilcox specializes in criminal law. This is why he is obliged to appear in court during court hours on almost every business day. So, in order to better accommodate a working person’s schedule, he can book your appointment after court hours or at the end of a typical workday. Your initial consultation is free with reasonable terms for retainer agreements. Legal Aid Certificates are not accepted.


Call us today if you need more information about David Wilcox, Criminal Defence Attorney in Barrie.


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